Leta Brooks Hays

Leta Brooks-Hays / KDA One Kidney Climb Guatemala

In December 2023, I'm joining a group of 18 fellow living kidney donors to complete a 3 volcano challenge in Guatemala. We want to show the world what is possible after living kidney donation.
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    Kristin Andree

    $100.00 / Today

    Love you girlie and am so proud of you!! ~ Kristin Andree

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    Lynne McDonald

    $10.00 / Today

    Leta, you are a true inspiration! I couldn’t be more proud of you and will always be your cheerleader. There’s just nothing you can’t do!! Love you, Lynne

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    April Farlow Farlow

    $100.00 / Yesterday

    Leta!! I am so very proud of you for doing this race and for the human you are to have made this donation! Blessed to call you my friend!

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    Karen Smith

    $50.00 / 2 days ago

    Proud of you!

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    Sherri Adair

    $350.00 / 7 days ago

    Thank you for participating in the 2023 Best Self Atlanta's Over 40 & Fabulous Fashion Meets Passion Event. From Sherri Adair and all of us in your Best Self Give Back Community we wish you great success as you reach new heights!

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    Sonja Brady

    $50.00 / 9 days ago

    Prayers for a successful journey!!

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    Jill Kirtland

    $375.00 / 11 days ago

    What a great experience you have ahead! Can’t wait to hear all about it ❤️

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    Nicholas Kirtland

    $125.32 / 11 days ago

    Climb to the highest!

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    Gary Martin Hays

    $500.00 / 12 days ago

    We are proud of you!!! Best wishes with your climb! Gary, Sheri, Audrey, Ashleigh and Ava Hays

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    Jennifer Stout

    $50.00 / 12 days ago

    Enjoy this wonderful experience!

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    Holly Green

    $50.00 / 16 days ago

    I will be praying for you and your team!! So proud of you!! 🙏🩷

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    $100.00 / 17 days ago

    I think this is an amazing thing you are doing. So proud of you and your determination. Strong women supporting strong women always.

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    Jill Green

    $50.00 / 17 days ago

    Good luck!!! I’ll be praying for all of you! 🙏🏻❤️

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    Kerry Rode

    $50.00 / 18 days ago

    LeTa …. You’re an amazing Friend and person and truly an inspiration to so many !!! Keep shining and spreading your Love my friend… you can truly Conquer anything…xo ❤️❤️

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    Michele McMillin

    $200.00 / 19 days ago

    We are so very proud of you! You are amazing and will rock this climb!!! Love, The McMillin clan

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    Whitney Muyres

    $100.00 / 22 days ago

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    Tom and Sue Perry

    $60.00 / 25 days ago

    We are so proud of you! You are an amazing young woman and an inspiration to so many!

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    Sara Owens

    $50.00 / 26 days ago

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    Leslie Perry

    $300.00 / 30 days ago

    Supporting your next big challenge! So thankful, of course, and we are happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. We support you and sincerely thank you - Frank and Leslie Perry

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    $50.00 / 33 days ago

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    Jessica Schmidt

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    Candice Lee

    $100.00 / 34 days ago

    Excited to follow along on your journey! What an amazing opportunity.

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    Tannaz Modaresi

    $100.00 / 34 days ago

    So proud of you Leta for being extraordinary woman!

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    Gwendolyn Salvagio

    $100.00 / 35 days ago

    Reaching the Destination is reward in itself, but the Journey along the way makes the celebration all the more sweeter.

About Leta Brooks Hays

Hi everyone! I'm Leta Brooks Hays and I'm a writer, podcaster, and interior designer living in Athens, Georgia. Thank you for being here and learning more about my transplant journey. Have you ever had a situation occur where you knew something was going to happen? You don't understand how you know; you just know. You have a deep inner knowing of the path to take which will achieve an outcome you understand is supposed to happen. I had this sense of knowing when it came to my dad and his need for a kidney. I didn't think anyone else needed to be tested. I KNEW the surgery was going to happen and I was the donor. Well, on April 6, 2017, at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA, all that knowing became a reality. My dad got one of my kidneys. Prior to donation, I'd been athletic my entire life. I loved dancing and even owned a studio for almost 10 years. I turned my passion for dancing into a love for running after my children were born. I began training and competing in ultra marathons, completing 3 different 50K trail races in 3 years. Since donating, I'm still very active.  I've completed many smaller races throughout Georgia. I also completed a 25K in June of 2022 which was a great accomplishment on only one kidney. I want to complete this 3-volcano challenge to show everyone you can still have incredible adventures and be in strong physical shape even with only one kidney. I'm ready to push my body and show anyone considering donating, "If I can do it, so can you!" I'm proud to be a member of Kidney Donor Athletes. Let's complete this challenge together!